We offer an array of delicious plant-based dishes inspired from around the globe, Happy M Kitchen cater Natural Clean Food, free from dairy, refined sugars, additives and chemicals. Whenever possible, we use locally sourced, organic ingredients in all of our menu items.

♥ Breakfast/Fika catering
♥ Lunchbox catering – from our daily and every day menus
♥ Lunch buffet catering – from our daily and every day menus
♥ and..


Choose from the categories below

Posh Party (minimum 20 persons)

– Crystal wraps with marinated tofu (OR shrimps) with a ginger-lime-tamari dip
– Shiitake teriyaki gem salad cups
– Cauliflower pakora fritters with raita dip
– Skagen or vegagen spread on gluten-free buckwheat toast
– Beetroot carpaccio with tamari sunflower seeds and vegan cheese
– Avocado gluten-free toast with marinated red onion, kale, and alfalfa sprouts

Price: 299 kr p.p

Asian clean & fresh (minimum 10 p.)

– Teriyaki tofu with peppers & beansprouts OR Miso & ginger baked salmon fillet
– Shiitake mushroom fried rice with sesame & nori garnish
– Red curry with vegetables
– Thai noodle salad with coriander dressing
– Pressed cabbage salad with sweet lime & apple dressing

Price: 275 kr p.p.

Student/Summerfest/BBQ (min. 10 p.)

– Skagen or Vegagen spread on gluten-free buckwheat toast
– Roast vegetable & tempeh skewers with BBQ sauce
– Potato salad with caper and horseradish
– Kale Caesar salad with tamari sunflower seeds
– Marinated red onions
– Beetroot hummus dip with raw vegetable sticks

Price: 250 kr p.p.

Mingle plate (minimum 10 p.)

– Quinoa salad
– Kale salad with sesame dressing
– Teriyaki tofu with mushrooms & beansprouts
– Fermented pickle
– Tamari sunflower seeds

Price: 85 kr p.p.

Mediterranean garden (minimum 10 p.)

– Baked polenta slices with tomato, capers, and tofu cheese topping OR Fish baked with fennel and orange
– Vegetable paella
– Seasonal roasted vegetables with garlic, rosemary, & thyme
– Leafy green salad with balsamic dressing
– Marinated red onions
– Hummus, olives, & gluten-free buckwheat bread

Price: 250 kr p.p.

Yoga days (minimum 10 p.)

– Probiotic miso shots
– BBQ tempeh with mushrooms and beansprouts
– Quinoa salad with cranberries, tamari sunflower seeds, & spirulina dressing
– Kale salad with sesame dressing
– Raw vegetable sticks with green pea, lime, & chilli dip

Price: 225 kr p.p.

A taste of India (minimum 10 p.)

– Cauliflower pakora fritters with cucumber raita dip OR Fish baked in a creamy masala marinade
– Sweet potato lentil dal
– Biryani curry fried rice with vegetables
– Turmeric, lemon & chilli hummus
– Spinach & carrot salad with coriander dressing

Price: 225 kr p.p.

Healthy Husmanskost (minimum 10 p.)

– Vegan patties with sauteed white cabbage OR Polenta coated fish
– Sweet potato mash
– Mushroom & tarragon sauce
– Sugar-free lingonberry jam & pickled gherkin
– Roasted root vegetables
– Daikon & kale salad with mustard dressing

Price: 175 kr p.p.

Snack buffet (minimum 10 p.)

– Tamari roasted almonds
– Raw food energy balls
– Raw vegetable sticks with hummus dip

Price: 65 kr p.p.

For special occasions

– we can make decorated cakes and wedding goodie/gift bags.

To make an order please email us on info@happymkitchen.se or call 031-13 13 70.
Please place your order no later than 7 days before the occation and in case of cancellation 5 days before, otherwise we have to charge you the entire amount.